Gandalf - Love is the answer

Without God`s Light the son: Nothing would exist. Love, and light is our Creator. Our law. The eternal lesson. The bridge to Heaven. From Ashtar Command.

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What does Love and Light mean?


The metaphysical law of God=Love + Light=God.


You just read it. God=Love+Light=God.  

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Peace in our time!!! Tikkun Olam!

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24.06.2020 12:40

claire topham

hello> i have your book and will soon be ordering all the bits and bobs. Would you be able to send me a link for a ball milling device please? i am not really sure what i need to get? Thankyou x

17.09.2020 21:03

Thomas Eidsaa

It's in the book! Thumler's Tumbler , you can buy ceramic at