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Discover how the state covers up fusion-reactor technology, and much more, with late Bill Jenkins radio podcasts!

The Source Field - the Torsion Field - New Physics

I am a great fan of David Wilcock, who supports the alliance. I recommend you read his book ¨Source field investigations¨, and go hear his Wisdom Teachings at www.gaia.com The New-Age movement is shattering the ¨scientific religion¨ with new physics. David Wilcock for president!

Proof on Intelligent Design

God`s fingerprint - proof of intelligent design

Biological, and non-biological matter down the particle level is based upon sacred geometry of Fibonacci, and the Flower of Life Merkaba. The fingerprint of the Great Architecht who was there, at the beginning.

Proof the theory of evolution is wrong

Dr James DeMeo confirms Reich`s research as you can read about in my book ¨The God Reality¨ in the Light and Love section.

Dr Emoto discovers the homeopathic effect

Water/hydrogen powered cars!

This could solve environemental issues along with fuel need, and provide us with electricity. But the oil barons don`t like it. You can make your car run on water with few steps! Do this, stand together, and conspire against the state! Infiltrate politics, and make media headlines! Good luck!

Water powered cars, planes, and power-plants.

Yet another solution to the energy crisis.

Orgonite Works

It sends out organic/orgasmic energy

Destroying toxic waste with fungi

The Cure to Every Disease

I made this video for cancer patients

THC, and CBD kills 11 types of cancers.

The dosage can be gradually increased.

Frequency technology already has the cure to ALL disease

Royal Raymond Reis, Nicola Tesla, etc, buy your rife machines from Spooky2

And now: Into the world of conspiracy theory!

"What you don't know can still kill you."

Socrates on democracy

Voting is an art you learn by education.

The National Debt Scam

A basic introduction to what every educated person must know.

The Sabbatean-Frankist Jesuit Illuminati Templars: The ILLUMINATI!

The controllers of our planet

More on Sabbatean Illuminati control

By my good friend Leo Zagami